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Design Verification

By working closely with our clients, we are able to construct custom-made test benches that verify the operation of their designs against their design requirements. This process involves the following services.

Design Requirements

Analyzing and reviewing design requirements and/or specifications for completeness, testability, and traceability.


Test Bench Architecture

We will architect a test bench for simulation and lab testing that is capable of verifying your requirements using automated, self-checking directed and random-constrained tests. 


IP Core Development

We develop the IP cores and software needed to implement the test bench.  Each IP core is fully documented and revision controlled.


Test Bench Integration and Testing

We purchase, integrate, and test elements of the test bench.  Elements may include COTS equipment, bench test equipment, measurement tool, or programmable equipment like our Total Verification System.  We integrate these elements together into a unified environment that is controlled by the test software.  A certification procedure is developed that validates the proper operation of the test bench.


Test Bench Documentation

We provide thorough documentation that fully describes the capability, use, and operation of the test bench. 


Design Verification Plan and Procedure

Using design requirements and specifications, we compile a verification plan that describes exactly how the functionality of the client's design will be tested by the test bench.  Care is taken to clearly show the traceability of each requirement and design feature to a test. 


Coverage Analysis

Using coverage tools and methods, we perform coverage analysis to demonstrate the completeness of the test bench delivered.  Holes in testing uncovered during this step are addressed to achieve an acceptable level of coverage.


Long-Term Technical Support

After the test bench is delivered and verification is complete, we continue to provide technical support whether late-phase design changes are needed or latent bugs are found.  

Design Review

 For mature projects that need independent reviewers, Ingenion offers design review services.

FPGA Designs

Have Ingenion review your FPGA design and verification documents including requirements, specifications, verification documents, and analysis reports.  We will perform a code walk-through to offer useful tips and experience-based advice.


Peer Reviews

Perhaps the most valuable reviews are the ones performed early in the design phase because that's when designers are open to changes and suggestions.  Ingenion can review your initial draft synthesizable RTL code, verification code, design flow, or FPGA architecture.


Complete Digital Design Verification

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